Monday, June 30, 2014

Notebook: "Fear keeps you alive"

“Scared?” Rose asked. 
“Yep,” I said.  I moved the wreath, and checked it over. [...]
Evan descended, setting down on my shoulder.
“It’s an old building,” he said. 
“Yeah,” I replied, still pushing the wreath forward. [...]
“There’s nothing in a lot of the windows.  No people, no things, no walls, no floors,” Evan said.
“Yeah,” Rose said.  “Only emptiness.” 
“A little more afraid, now,” I said. 
“Good,” Rose told me.  “Fear keeps you alive.  Just don’t panic."

Another notebook piece.
This one has too much crammed into a small space; I intend to come back and expand it further - make it into a wide scene. My photo wound up a bit dark as well, which is annoying.

Is it just me or is Rose's face (unintentionally) bitchy looking? ha.
But then again. Maybe she's in that super bossy mode. (Maybe it works?)


I am drawing sparrows like a madman all over everything.

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